Cheetah Photographic Census

Cheetah Photographic Census in the Timbavati

From November 2009 to December 2010, we are conducting a cheetah census within the Timbavati Nature Reserve.

We invite all members of the public to please assist us by sending photos of any cheetah you encounter during your visit to the Reserve. Photographs and digital images are both welcomed.

  • Side shots while the animal is standing will be very helpful, preferably left and right sides of the same animal marked as such. Close-up shots of the head and face may also be useful.
  • Please try to record all the information related to the sighting.
  • Sighting details we require include:
    - Time
    - Date
    - Location (if possible, please ask your ranger to pinpoint the precise locality)
    - Group composition (total, adult males, adult females, young)
  • If there is more than one cheetah in the sighting, please try to photograph as many of the animals as possible, photographing each individual separately.
  • Any further observations on behaviour, kills made and interactions with other species will also be of great help.
  • If more than one set of photos are submitted, please would you kindly inform us which sighting details belong to which photos.

Unfortunately, cheetahs are a wide-ranging species and this coupled with their relatively shy nature and low densities make them a very difficult species to count. For this reason, your images will help greatly in assisting us in gaining an understanding of the distribution and status of the species, which is essential for conservation planning and the formulation of effective management strategies.
Thank you!
Please email your digital images to us or alternatively, post us your photographs accompanied by all the relevant sighting details to one of the following addresses:
Postal: Siobhan Dyer – Ajubatus,
P.O. Box 750,
South Africa
We shall keep you updated on the progress of the census via this website. The final results of the study will be posted at the end of 2010.
We look forward to hearing from you! Happy cheetah spotting!


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